Naval War College Christmas Ball

On 3 December, Jess and I won the lottery and were able to purchase tickets to the NWC Christmas Ball held at Rosecliff Manor in Newport, RI (  It was gorgeous.  Thanks to our friend Susanna for watching the boys that night so we could attend.  It was a cold evening and I forgot to ask if they had a coat check.  Jess assumed they did but I convinced her to leave her coat in the Jeep.  Sure enough, right inside the door was a coat check.  Of course the walk was about ten feet so she didn’t get that cold.  They had “heavy” o’devers.  This consisted of crab cakes, roast beef, motza balls, small hamburgers, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake and much more.  It was a complete open bar.  I sipped top shelf scotch all night.  They opened the museum upstairs for us as well.  The night was really great.  On the way home a six point buck crossed the road right in front of us on mansion row.  I’m assuming it was a high class deer.

Thanksgiving 2016

So Jess, Michael, George, and I went over to Sarah’s for Thanksgiving weekend. Her mom put out another fantastic dinner and desert. This was year three so I suppose we can call it a tradition. It is one I will miss when the Navy finally moves me away.  Of course going to Sarah’s never happens without some work. This time it was pretty simple. All Brian and I had to do was reframe the bathroom/hall closet/bedroom closet to support the bathroom remodel.  The football was bittersweet. The Lions won solidifying them in 1st (hard to believe I got to write this) but U of M losing in double overtime to the school down south.  On Sunday, when we got home, Michael helped me put up the tree and put the inflatable Snoopy up. Let the Christmas season begin.

So It Begins

For years my friend Chuck has been trying to get me to start my own website.  When we worked together is was the third most talked about topic next to woodworking and sailing.  Notice work is not in the top three.  So I have finally gave in and here we are.  The crazy thing is that I am not very good with technology so forgive the JV styling while Jess and I learn how to blog.  By Christmas I hope to have it fully up and running.